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Basic Kern County Assessor’s Office (661) 868-3485 Recorder’s Office (661) 868-6400 Kern Planning Dept (661) 862-5263 Kern Zoning Kern GIS Map   Advanced Surveyors (contact us for a list) Kern Permits Kern Public Health Perc Test requirements Kern Public Health Septic Systems Kern Public Health Water Wells & Small Water Systems Kern Code Compliance  […]

Key Planning for Land Development

Before diving into your big land adventure, here are the top 5 investments I found crucial to consider before buying land to develop. These only apply if you’re planning to build someday. 1. ** Permit Applications ** One thing I didn’t initially consider was the cost of permits and zoning applications. Different areas have different […]

Can you find me land in Timbuktu?

Can you find me land in Timbuktu?

…And other Fairy Godmother wishes from Land enthusiasts. Hey there, fellow land enthusiasts, future lords and ladies of your own domain! Welcome to the wacky world of finding land. But it’s OK– we specialize in making land ownership dreams come true.  Picture this: you’ve got a vision of a serene plot where you can build […]

Researching Land for Your Dream Retirement Home

Researching Land for Your Dream Retirement Home

Finding the perfect plot of land to build your dream home can be a stressful yet exciting project! However, before embarking on this journey, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and assessments to ensure that the land is suitable for your needs. You don’t want to miss an important step that causes your future plans […]

Escaping Neighborly Nuisances

Ah, neighbors. They can be a never-ending source of surprises, both good and bad. Get ready to chuckle and nod your head in agreement as we explore the joys of owning your own land, where the closest neighbor is a good mile away! Let’s address the issue head-on: some neighbors can be downright annoying. From […]

Why Doesn’t Vacant Land Have an Address?

If you’ve ever tried to find the address of a vacant lot, you may have come up empty-handed. This can be especially frustrating if you’re trying to purchase or develop the land. So why don’t 99% of parcels have an address yet? The answer is actually quite simple, and it has to do with the […]

Mohave County: Pure Inspiration for Homesteading

This post is for pure inspiration and ideas on what you can do with GRIT!   Actual homesteading in Dolan Springs, Arizona with Betty DeMers All the Homesteading resources for people with GRIT Lifestyle Design with Dan Koe for long-term goals and planning EarthShip plans for sale Who is Michael E. Reynolds?

How Big is One Acre?

One acre. It sounds like a small amount of land, right? But when it comes to actual measurements, how big is one acre? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to that question, as well as the many uses for a single acre of land – and we’ll try to throw in a few jokes […]

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