How It Works (FAQ)

Can I make a Glamping Site for Airbnb on my land?

Or any other questions about what you can do with your land…

The short answer is, yes, as long as you get a permit.

So how do I get a permit? You’ll first want to understand the zoning for the land. Every parcel has a zoning designation that gives you an idea of what’s encouraged there, or what’s permitted.

The best place to answer your specific questions is by calling the County Planning Department. We have their contact information and can help you navigate. Ultimately, it’s up to you to do your own due diligence before making any decisions.

I’ve found the land that I want– now what?

  1. Initial Investment — varies based on the property
  2. Paperwork – included with your initial investment
  3. Installments — between 12-60 months
  4. Ownership — transferred to you by a deed

When you decide you want a specific property, give us a call at (323) 694-2889. We’ll collect the initial investment. Alternatively, you reserve any property through the listing page using the large red “Reserve” button.

Depending on the value of the parcel, this initial investment can vary between $499-$2,999. This includes the $249 paperwork fee and reserves the property for you while we create your paperwork.

The paperwork covers all the details about the payment schedule and it protects both parties. Once you’ve endorsed the paperwork, you’re all set!

Are there early-payoff fees?

No, there are no fees for early payments or payoffs.

I’ve signed my paperwork– now what?

Congrats! You’re on your way to owning your land. We’ll reach out to you shortly.

Terms / Owner Financed Land — You’ll receive an email inviting you to the Accounting system. We recommend logging in so you can view your monthly installments and manage your account. We’ll also provide a how-to Video.

Cash Investment — we’ll reach out to collect the final land installment, then create your deed. You’ll have a chance to review the deed before it’s officially recorded with the County.

When do I get my land?

After the land is paid for, we transfer the land to you using a deed. The transfer process usually takes about 7 business days after the funds are received. We’ll create the deed, you’ll approve the vesting, then we’ll file it with the County Recorder’s office.

Once completed, the team will email you a PDF copy of your recorded deed. Depending on the location, the County Recorder’s office may mail the original deed to you. For “mail-in” Counties (aka: slow Counties), the deed transfer process can take up to 8 weeks.

What is Vesting?

Vesting is the information about who is taking ownership and the official rights of the title of a property.

For example:

“Jane Doe, a single woman.”


“John Doe, a married man, as his sole and separate property.”

Can I pay cash for my land?

Yes. If you’re paying cash for your land, the process is similar. There’s a $249 one-time document fee collected for the paperwork. Once you’ve endorsed the paperwork, we collect the remaining investment for the land. The deed transfer process takes about 1-week, depending on the location. For “mail-in” Counties, the deed transfer process can take up to 8 weeks.

What is Owner Financing?

Owner financing is a fancy way of saying “payment plan”. It’s the idea of paying for a high-value item over time, rather than all at once. The Owner is loaning you the money. This is commonly called layaway.

How much are the monthly installments for land (Owner Financing)?

If you’ve purchased land using Owner Financing, most of our land payments are typically between $199-$299 per month. These amounts are flexible– speak with a Salesperson about options, (323) 306-4864.

Why should I use Owner Financing for land?

We’re not financial advisors, but here’s our opinion: it depends.

If you’re someone who has savings in the bank, you may want to consider using Owner Financing and keeping your savings intact. Owner financing allows you the freedom to keep your savings while paying off your land over time. You can own land in 24-60 months by paying a small amount monthly.

Owner Financing could also save you many unpleasant experiences with a bank. They generally want to see years of tax returns before loaning any money. Most banks will run you through a financial background check that would make the TSA blush. They may still say “no” to loaning you money.

Do you charge interest on the land notes?

We don’t charge an interest rate for our customers, 0% interest.

Are there any fees when purchasing land?

Yes. The paperwork for each land purchase is $249. This covers the cost to prepare the legal paperwork.

For Owner Financed land, we charge a flat $12/month for the accounting software. This system helps you keep track of all your payments and automates the billing.

While you have the land under contract (Owner financing), property taxes are charged monthly. This covers the accounting, tracking, and payment of the County taxes. The amount varies depending on the property, but this is usually a relatively low amount.

Can I start building on my land right away?

No. If you’re on an installment plan, you don’t technically own the land yet. We recommend getting the land in your name before any construction projects, like installing a fence, for example. But you can start doing all the preparation work. Talk to the County Planning Dept about their permit process.

For cash sales, if we’ve transferred the land to you already through a deed, then yes!


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