5 Ways to Definitely Get Scammed When Buying Land Online

You already know what you want.

At least 2 acres, no more than 1 hour away from town.

Unrestricted land.

It must be under this amount $________.  Period.

You already know what to look out for. So you really don’t need these ideas to save your wallet from a would-be scammer…

For those who want to part with their hard-earned money, let’s get into it!

* Disclaimer: For those who have trouble recognizing satire, please STOP READING.?


  1. Don’t bother talking to the Owner or an actual human being.

    Asking questions about who owns the land or when they purchased it isn’t important. Unless you’re trying to fact-check the person selling it. But what’s the point in that? Blind trust seems like a good option here. ?

  2. Whatever you do, do not call the County Assessor’s office.

    The Assessor can tell you many things about the land, who owns it, and when the deed was officially transferred. But why fact-check when you could be kicking back on the couch and relaxing?

  3. Skip the Contract.

    What’s the point of a contract? Protection. Nah, you don’t need it. Just go with the flow ~~~

  4. Don’t do your own Due Diligence.

    Extensive online research and multiple phone calls to the County — sound exhausting! Let’s not even talk about physically visiting the land– you don’t want to get your new boots dirty.

  5. Guarantee-Schmarantee. ?

    Refunds, returns, exchanges? I’m incapable of making a bad decision… just give me the land I want.

    Unimportant Bonus:
    Don’t bother asking for customer testimonials. It’s not like they’ve gone through this process before.

Well, that’s it. All the ways to definitely get scammed buying land online. You’re not welcome. 🙂

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