Owning Land – The Process

Once you’ve identified a property that you really love, the first step to ownership is creating the paperwork. The agreement costs $249, and it covers all of the questions around the transfer of that land ownership, where the property is, the legal description, etc. All that information is in the paperwork and it’s prepared for you with the help of a paralegal. 

Once we have the paperwork and you’ve endorsed it, you’ve approved it, then we set up the next step, which would be either be the transfer of that property to your name if it’s a cash sale. Or what most people prefer to do, which is an installment plan, where they make that investment over time. This includes an initial investment amount which varies per property. 

Most of our customers prefer to make their investments over time. Once a month, they send an installment, and over time, they’ve made the full investment into the land. Now it’s ready to be transferred to you. There is 8-10% interest for the installment plan, also known as Owner-Financing. Once the installments are complete, you now own the land and we transfer the property into your name through the process of a deed.

Let me know if you have any areas of concern about the process of how to own land. This is the best place to start is to just give us a call on the phone and we can help you with that specific property.

In summary, once you’ve identified that property, the first step is to create the paperwork, which is a legal agreement. Some customers ask, “Can you send me a sample of the paperwork?” Unfortunately no, we don’t do that.

If you have any more questions, let us know! We’ll try to answer your questions ahead of time before you make any decision. We want to answer as many questions upfront to make this easy for you, and more importantly, to make sure you have a good experience with us. So let us know what questions you have. We do work with a lot of first-time owners, so no question is too small. I hope to chat with you soon!

– Matt

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